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potatoe puff crips

I will never forget junior school breaktime in the late 1950’s eating a packet of Potato Puffs, they were just amazing little bundles of potato and air and one of the first snacks to be ‘ready salted’. Previously, the inferior ‘Crisps’ had a little blue twisted bag of ‘serve yourself’ salt inside.

If you posted the tokens from the back of the packet of Potato Puffs to Burtons you got a prize back, but I can’t remember what it was – not that I am old or anything!!

-Lansbury Sessions

reto bike

My favourite memory of youth is spending all day down the woods nearby, building Dens, climbing trees, riding tracker bikes, and playing football. We spent all day till teatime amusing ourselves with innocent fun.

No one was worried about us, it was an age where children were allowed to develop as children, without any kind of peer pressure over the clothes anyone wore etc, an age of pure innocence where everyone was seen as equal.  

-Stuart Randall

black jack sweets

Aged 7 or 8 taking the 6d weekly pocket money to the shops (on my bike but probably with friends. However, on our own) to buy sweets which included fruit salad, black jacks, aniseed balls and bubble gum (Bazooka Joe). The latter was frowned on at home!

-Ian Wainright

If you do remember most of these things, the time to sell your business is likely getting closer and closer.

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Experts in sale, purchase, succession… and everything in between

Brokerring was created to support independent regional brokers by working with brokers of all shapes and sizes, some of whom wish to grow through acquisition, whilst others want to sell, create a slower glide path to retirement or may have succession issues they would like to resolve… all of which Brokerring can find unique solutions for and which the consolidators and other large corporates are unable to accommodate.

Are you looking to sell your business?

You only sell your business once so make sure you get the deal that you deserve.

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Regional Brokers deserve support as they try to fill the void left by consolidator buyer’s insatiable appetite. We do what we do in the belief that independent brokers can support clients in a way that large corporates cannot.

The transformation of the Regional Broking Landscape happens here. Brokerring’s growth and sale programmes are fundamental to the regeneration of Regional Broking and to the health and longevity of its market and clients.

Our unique mechanism to acquire books of business which does not cost you any money, but instead earns you money immediately from books of business added to your brokerage on a leased basis.

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End to end help for the whole process including control of the solicitors and the legal process (for fixed solicitors fees) we will help you with the whole negotiation and attend meetings with you to get them over the line.

Find out more about acquisitions 

We will help you to find the best home for your book of clients. You can scope out your ideal deal and we will find you the best fit for your business. We have a great deal of experience in both buying and selling Broking Businesses and your business will be safe in our hands.

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Most importantly we’ll help you structure the acquisition in such a way that it can be funded entirely from cash flow where possible with no or minimal upfront payments. We are very good at structuring deals that are gentle and risk free.

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We will help you to grow your business from your existing book with you or your producers by means of a cross selling matrix and a variety of sub contract specialists who will assist you in getting much more of your clients insurance spent in classes that you do not do – such as private medical, marine cargo, aviation, credit, cyber, schemes opportunities, financial services, employee protection benefits etc all where you earn – but more importantly where you tie your clients in a multi-level way.

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Brokerring will structure or assist you with any succession issues within you firm helping  you to effect a corporate restructure to achieve either an exit of a shareholder or the realignment of shareholders to include new shareholders, we have unique insight and experience in helping firms add shareholders – to lock key employees in without giving away the wealth you have built to date.

Learn more about brokerring succession 

Brokerring offers a very special and again, unique service in Ship-jumpers, which is designed to help you to lift account executives from other brokerages along with books of business – in a legal way. We have a knowledge and mechanism that will allow any you to either maximise the amount of business that the executive is able to bring or as importantly, because of the threat that the mechanism poses to the broker, it allows us alternatively to negotiate the exit of the book from the broker for a reasonable price.

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We’ll help you find the target brokers in your area and make the preliminary approach to them for you if need be.

Learn more about finding targets 

We will be the best sounding board that you will ever have. We would commit to regular developmental dialogue, honing your plans and be your ‘mirror on the wall’.

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Brokering Salvation is all about the protection of the wealth that you have built up in your firm to date. There is a whole raft of benefits, all designed to protect you as a sole shareholder. If you die or get seriously ill we will step in to run your firm for you and either sell it at the best price for your family or find a suitable home until you are better.

Learn more about brokerring salvation

Brokerring will act for all the shareholders in a company and act as a protector for minority or majority shareholders to ensure that the shareholding value in the event of your death is preserved for your dependents or family. The dynamics within firms can be difficult in that there can be age mismatches/ ambition differences/ ability mismatches in that not all shareholders that are left can run the firm on their own etc.

Learn more about brokerring protector 

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About us


Brokerring’s management team are all consummate professionals, providing a complimentary skillset and with a broad in-depth knowledge of the insurance industry, together with extensive operational and M&A experience ready to support independent regional brokers achieve their ambitions… whatever these may be.

brokerring client smiling at camera

Complete trust

I am delighted with the professional and personal way in which my sale has been handled by Stuart at Brokerring. If I had to pick one of the many aspects which meant so much was how trustworthy Stuart and his team were throughout. I knew that I was having to share every detail of my business with them, but I had complete confidence that it would all remain between us, just brilliant Stuart, Thank You.

Rob Marsh

stuart smiling at camera

Stuart Randall

Stuart is a lifelong broker, founder of Brokerbility the exclusive network and founder of Ataraxia the succession management company.

07768 182403

ian smiling at camera

Ian Wainright

Ian is a former Head of UK Broking business with Ecclesiastical and Broker Development Director for Broker Network Ltd.

07768 811718

lansbury smiling at camera

Lansbury Sessions

Lansbury has worked in the financial sector at Director level most of his life and has ran a number of his own businesses, latterly as a Business Angel.

07305 822109


Positive words from our clients

Brokerring work tirelessly to achieve client goals. We go the extra mile and treat every case with the same importance and are humbled by our client’s lexes.

brokerring client smiling

Supporting growth

Our thanks to Brokerring for supporting our growth strategy. I know that without them I would not have been able to achieve a £7m increase in GWP in 18 months. Stuart & Ian working together have handled the business end of each and every deal in a focused and ethical way. I even talk about them as being my M&A department! £10m GWP, now onto £20m with their help. Thanks Brokerring​!

Peter Goddard

Hands-on support

Selling my business has been a cathartic experience but without the help of Brokerring, and particularly Ian Wainwright, this would not have happened. I am so grateful for the hands-on support throughout the process. Most people only do this once in their lives and you have no idea of the complexity of the process until you do it. Ian supported the financial, legal, and emotional elements of this. I am now delighted to be working for my buyer for a few years before hanging up my hat. Thanks, Brokerring, I can thoroughly recommend you to anyone in the same position.

Andrew Burke

Case studies

We deal with unique cases

No two cases are the same and we absolutely relish the difficult. Our experience and lateral thinking mean that we are able to deliver excellent solutions to complicated cases.


A straight sale whereby the principal needed to define his gradual exit over the next 5 years and obtain the maximum price possible for his shares whilst protecting his staff and their future.

We approached a selection of 4 consolidators with the financial capability to make a clean purchase.

We achieved the sale of the business for a multiple of 3.2 times income with an earn out that also meant any growth over the original value was also paid at 3 times income for a period of 3 years. The owner stands to earn as much from the earn out as he did from the original sale of the company – which benefits all parties, in addition, all the key staff are incentivised.

Brokerring were deeply involved on a day-to-day basis with the whole due diligence and legal process and achieved what the owner says he could never have achieved on his own.

Small brokerage which suffered from the normal challenges regarding compliance and the sheer weight of administration that exists these days, they did not wish to sell but were tired of working five days a week with no respite and no holiday cover.

We arranged a Brokerring Host/Union agreement with a local broker which means that the broker now works 2-3 days a week, has no administration worries, has holiday cover (so can actually go on holiday!), hist staff are managed by someone else and he earns 80% more that he did previously. A great result all round.

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